Rich Wildlife


La Réserve Beauchêne’s mixed hardwood and coniferous forest, its combination of lakes and streams and uplands and lowlands provide the variety of habitat needed to support a showcase of eastern forest animal life.

Rich WildlifeMoose, white tail deer, black bears, timber wolves and, we suspect the occasional coyote, all are resident. In the lakes and rivers, beaver are common, as are otter, muskrat and mink. Look for martin, fisher and porcupine in the woodlands, and, or course, fox and red squirrel.

It is interesting to note that although the presence of lynx has never been positively confirmed in Ontario’s Algonquin Park, the north boundary of which is only about 30 air miles due south of La Réserve Beauchêne across the Ottawa River, this beautiful cat is frequently sighted here.

Rich Wildlife

For an interesting diversion from fishing try a walk along one of Beauchêne’s wonderful, but desolate, long sand beaches.

You will enjoy attempting to decipher the web of animal tracks that usually forms a provocative record of recent furry visits.

A word of CAUTION about bears:

* Avoid at all cost coming between a sow and her cubs
. They may look cuddly but they are definitely not tame.

* Do not feed bears and do not encourage them to hang around the outposts or the campsites by leaving food, fish guts or other garbage around. Please burn the fish guts (don’t throw them in the lake).


La Réserve Beauchêne’s lovely woodlands contain a broad mix of coniferous and deciduous trees, shrubs and wildflowers. Our location is on the intermingling boundary between the Boreal and St. Lawrence forest regions. The dark green of the coniferous trees include the towering white pine, red pine, and white spruce, as well as hemlock, arborvitae (cedar), and balsam fir. These are interspersed through the paler green of the deciduous woods across the hillsides. Tamarack (larch) that turn a beautiful gold in the fall before losing their leaves, stand in the sunshine by many of our lakes. The comparatively clear stands of black spruce, themainstay of the Boreal Taiga are found in a few areas.

Sugar maples dominate many of the hilltops and are interspersed with white and yellow birch and aspen. The roadsides and other sunny openings are quickly lined with choke-cherries and pin-cherries. Eastern mountain ash and dogwood add blossoms in season. The gaps are filled by the moose maple, striped maple and, in the openings, hazelnut, tag alders, water birch and meadowsweet.

Wildflowers bloom through out the season. Marsh marigolds, trout lilies, trilliums, lady slippers and other orchids are soon followed by daisies, asters, various goldenrods, pearly everlasting and joe-pie weed. Along many of the streams ferns produce edible fiddle-heads in the spring and in dry places, bracken inedible) adds greenery. From the first soft yellow greens of early leaf-out to the lush cover of summer and the riot of colour of autumn, La Réserve Beauchêne’s forests offer a peaceful backdrop for concrete jungle dwellers enjoying our unspoiled waters.
For information on bugs, see our page on Pests.