Meeting Center

111 You might improve your bottom line by putting down the phone line and picking up a fishing line. Let us take care of your next corporate event with great accommodations and fine food combined with an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Meeting CenterProfit from a relaxed, focused team when starting a major project or reward them for their extra efforts on a special task.

Great outdoor activities will provide the perfect challenge, testing individual limits in a group environment.

Beauchêne’s natural landscape is ideal for outdoor fun, be it a team fishing challenge, or let us help create something unique, think “Survivor” meets “The Amazing Race”, testing many skills used in the
office environment.

When your team finds themselves out of their element you will see everyone pitching in regardless of rank. You will find your people working together building new relationships and ideas.

Hold meetings without distraction in our conference room. Retreat to the great outdoors to let Mother Nature guide your business to success.