Hunting Regulations

For Moose, two hunters must each affix their license coupon to the animal after it is down and register the animal within twenty-four hours. After registration the coupons that have been punched entitles a non-resident to transport their Moose outside of Quebec.

For the Black Bear, each hunter is permitted to harvest only one Bear per license and must also register the animal. When exporting Black Bear, their parts as well as the derivatives or products obtained from such species, must be accompanied by a CITES export permit for the entry to be permitted in the importing country. For more information regarding a CITES export permit go to

For Ruffed Grouse and Spruce Grouse combined, the bag limit is five per day and the possession limit is fifteen in all.

For Snowshoe Hare there is a bag limit of five per day.

Regulations can change from year to year,
so please contact us for current rules.