Fishing Rules

Measuring BassTo preserve this outstanding fishery, La Réserve Beauchêne pioneered catch-and-release fishing in Quebec.

Under our limited harvest-slot limit program, developed with the help of our Fishing Advisory Board, guests may keep good pan-size fishfor that famous Canadian classic, the shore-lunch (fire regulations permitting), or to eat in camp,and a trophy (over a specified size) of each species to take home.

Unless an over-populated lake is being “fished down” deliberately, all other fish are returned to the water, keeping up the breeding stock and helping to explain the unusually high proportion of big fish.

A full copy of our rules will be sent to you with your reservation confirmation.

Measuring Walleye

You should know…

  • Natural bait, alive or dead, is not permitted in our naturally reproducing Brook Trout lakes.
  • Guests are asked to squeeze down all barbs and to replace treble hooks with single hooks wherever possible.
  • Downriggers are prohibited
  • And lastly, we hate to see any bass killed, except when a lake needs to be fished down.

                                               Length       or           Weight                        Trophies(at least)

    Lake Trout                              25”                        5.5lbs                           15lbs

    Brook Trout                            16”                         2lbs                              5lbs

    Splake                                    20”                         4lbs                              8lbs

    Northern Pike                         27”                         5lbs                             15lbs

    Small Mouth Bass                                              No Kill

    Wallleye                                  20”                        3lbs                              9lbs

    White Fish                                                         No Limit


    Keep only enough for your next meal in camp.

    All fish killed must be reported to lodge or camp ground