Fish Stocking Program

Fish Stocking

We pride ourselves on being leaders when it comes to fish and wildlife conservation.

Since 1987 we have developed fishing and hunting rules & regulations to preserve the resources we are privileged to protect. For over twenty years we have maintained a strict catch and release policy on Smallmouth Bass and native Brook Trout, not letting any of these fish be harvested. A modified catch and release program for all other species allows guests to enjoy a shore lunch or a fish dinner.

By limiting hunting we can ensure a more successful outing when tracking game such as Moose, Black Bear, Grouse, and Snowshoe Hare. Fish stocking, harvest and gear regulations have evolved over the past twenty years in response to the information gained through our fisheries science program.

In 1997 Beauchêne initiated the development of a conservation program for the native Brook Trout to study growth rates and propagation of eggs in a lake setting. Tagging programs for Brook Trout, Lake Trout,  smallmouth Bass and Walleye have been developed and more recently mircochipping has been used to help study growth, range and harvest. Supporting and working with conservation organizations like Duck’s Unlimited allows us to maintain a high level of fish and wildlife conservation.

Visit our “Filmed at Beauchêne” page to see an online video of TV’s Don Meissner as he observes and participates in our Fall 2008 Brook Trout stocking event.

Fish Stocking