White Fish

WhitefishBeauchêne’s large population of Lake White Fish is a virtually untapped but wonderful resource. Seldom especially targeted, they are almost always caught by accident.

“What have I got?”, is the immediate question generally asked after hooking into one of these dogged, surprisingly strong fighters. Running 3 to 6 lbs, only at boatside will you be able to say for sure “That’s not a Walleye – it’s not a Laker – it’s not a Bass – it’s a White Fish!”

Be sure to bring it in! Many say that it’s the finest dinner fare, even better than Walleye or Trout!

In the main, White Fish are caught accidentally in early spring when they are foraging the shallows or on top water along with the Lake Trout. Generally bottom huggers through the rest of the year, they have small, rather tender mouths and concentrate on insects, crustaceans, leeches and small minnows.

Tackle Suggestions:

SPOONS: Light Flutter Spooners, Northern King, Mooselook, Dartee

SPINNERS: #2 Mepps, Blue Fox

JIGGING: 1/16 to 1/8 oz Jighead with 2-3″ Grubs

FLIES: Small Nymph’s, Caddis Fly, Scud