This Brook Trout male – Lake Trout female fertile hybrid has been introduced to several of our lakes with great success. Generally close to a Brookie in appearance, they add size faster than either parent. Splake combine the best fighting characteristics of both parents and are a spirited – as well as tasty – quarry. They now reach over 30 inches in length and grow above 9 lbs in weight at Beauchêne.

Fish for Splake as you would for Brook Trout when the water is cold, using similar equipment and techniques. They will move a little deeper in mid summer when fishing at or near the surface will no longer be consistently effective. It will then be time to switch to Lake Trout techniques.

Try this using Brook Trout lures and even a worm on a spoon! Keep one for dinner – our Chef will be delighted to prepare it.

Tackle Suggestions:

TROLLING: Williams , Little Cleo, E.G.B., Worm harness, Syclops

JIGGING: Small jigs 1/16-1/8oz with micro plastic body off the bottom or in to fallen trees. Sassy Shad , Power leech, Gulp Alive

CASTING: Mepps spinners #2-3, Double-Loon, Panther-Martin.

Rapala Mini fat-rap, Original floating, Jointed, Husky-Jerk

A good trick is to use a hookless spoon as an attracter with a fly or worm on a drop line.

FLIES: Beauchene Bug, Wooly Bugger, Small Streamers, Drag Fly Nymph, Mickey Finn, Silver Doctor,
Shrimp/Crawfish, Muddler Minnow, Bead Head flies.

NOTE: As the summer sets in, use the same techniques for splake as you would for Lake trout.