Small Mouth Bass

BassOur Smallmouth Bass are certainly one of the main attractions at Beauchêne. As any seasoned Smallmouth Bass fisherman will agree, for their size (which on Beauchêne, regularly tops 4 lbs and occasionally 7lbs), there are few other freshwater gamefish that can match their spectacular jumps and determined fight.

During the spawn in early June and while the males remain on the beds guarding the young, from mid to late June, the fish are extremely vulnerable. Therefore we ask our guests to refrain from fishing in obvious bedding areas to avoid nest failures.

From Bass opening day in early May until mid to late June, the majority of the Bass are located in shallow water areas in or adjacent to spawning sites. Fish are still aggressive at this time, and a wide range of presentations will catch fish. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwaters and jigs will all work, although given the clear water, finesse presentations will generally get more bites once you find a concentration of fish. As the season progresses into July and August, these fish will move to main lake areas, adjacent to deeper water. At this time of year, Bass can be taken from anywhere in the 1 to 20 ft. of water range, or occasionally even suspended out over deep water feeding on lake herring.

The same lures that worked in early season will still catch fish in summer, but add a few more 1/4 to 3/8 oz tube jigs and power grubs for working deeper water areas (10 to 15 ft). Be sure to bring a lot of them, because rocks and woody debris will surely claim their share. For a faster approach, try throwing spinnerbaits or crankbaits over and around shallow rock rubble. A white ‘Big O’ and a double Willowleaf spinnerbait in white or chartreuse are among the favourites of the locals. Don’t forget topwaters as well. Not only are they fun to fish, but they are extremely effective, especially when fish are shy biting. Tiny Torpedoes, Jitterbugs, Zara Spooks and Minnow Baits like a Minnow, Rapala or Rattlin’ Rouge are all top picks. They are particulary deadly around dusk and even after dark.

Remember, our Smallies are found in a number of lakes of different sizes and characteristics. These may “fish” quite differently on any given day throughout the season, given the effects of weather, water temperature, the fish’s reproductive cycle and general temperament. If the Bass aren’t particularly active in one lake it may mean that they’re hot elsewhere. They seem to be active somewhere at Beauchêne, no matter what the season. Please also remember, however, that we’re at the extreme edge of the Smallie’s natural range and they grow very slowly here. For that reason we like you to return all Bass to the water.

Tackle Suggestions:

FLOATING: RAPALA: Skitter pop, Skitter prop, X-Rap
HEDDON: Tiny Torpedo, Hula Popper, Pop R, Zara Spook, Jitterbug
SPINNERS: Mepps #2-3, Double Loon, Spinner Bait, Buzz Bait, Blue Fox Vibrax

CRANK BAIT: RAPALA: Original, Jointed, Fat-rap, Husky-Jerk.
HEDDON: Rattlin Rogue, Crayfish
STORM: Thunderstick
YO-ZURI: Pin’s minnow

JIGS: Mister- Grubs, Tubes, Lizards, Fin-S-Fish,Yamamoto Grubs, Gulp Alive, Flukes
Lead head: Mushroom, football, round, sliders.

RUBBER WORMS: Gary Yamamoto Senkos, Black Zoom Finesse Worm
Texas or wacky rigged on number #1, #2, #1/0 or #2/0 offset`s hook’s
FLIES: Small Poppers, Bass Bug, Leech Patterns, Crayfish/Shrimp, Wooly Buggers