Northern Pike

PikeAlthough few of our guests concentrate on them, Beauchêne has a healthy population of Northern Pike in several of its lakes. Prime time for big fish is the spring when knowledgeable pike anglers will focus their attentions on the shallow back bays and mouths of tributary streams.

These larger fish (some go well over 20 lbs.) move deeper in the summer months, but there is rarely any shortage of smaller 2 to 5 pounders hiding among the few shallow weedbeds and under fallen timber along the shoreline. Spinnerbaits are a great option for rooting these fish out from their snag-infested hiding spots.

When fish are in more open areas suspending minnowbaits, bucktails and spoons are often better bets. It also pays to have a second rod handy and rigged with some form of soft plastic lizard, Fin-S fish or Sluggo. It’s not uncommon to have fish follow your lure to the boat. Often a more subtle presentation is all that’s needed to tempt them into biting. Whatever you use, make sure it has a wire leader, or you’ll not only end up loosing tackle but you’ll also be leaving unnecessary hooks in the fish’s mouth.

Tackle Suggestions:

FLOATING: HEDDON. Zara Spook, Moss boss, Dying Flutter, Jitterbug 3″, Hula popper 2¼”, Sputter

SPINNERS: Large Buck tail in line spinners, Mepps Aglia #6, Spinner bait, Buzz bait.

CRANK BAIT: RAPALA. Husky Jerk (HJ 14) , Jointed , Original(#18).
REBEL. Fastrac minnow( gold/orange, five of diamond)

JIGS will attract fish around points and structures; use a yellow double tail Mister-twister or 6″ Sluggos.

SPOONS: Most spoons will be effective, especially the good old Red Devil, Five Diamond, Red
Eye from Lucky Strike. One of the best lure is the KWIKFISH from luhr Jensen.
Flies: Deceivers, Mouse, Larger Streamers, Wonder Minnow

NOTE: Pike are very ferocious and they will attack big lures. It is almost obligatory to use a wired

Lakes to consider: Lake Beauchêne, Little Beauchêne, Devil.