Lake Trout

Lake Trout

When it comes to reliability, the Lake Trout is without question the most reliable biting fish at the Réserve. Found in 6 of the Réserve’s lakes, the deep cold waters of the larger lakes are ideal for Lake Trout and their primary forage, ie; Ciscoes, otherwise known as Lake Herring. It is not at all uncommon to see Lake Trout actually chasing Ciscoes on the surface, literally all over the lake, especially early in the morning when the water is calm.
Beauchêne’s Lakers generally run between 3 and 5 lbs, with fish in the teens not uncommon. As for catching Lake Trout, just about any reasonable minnow imitation will catch its fair share. With cool surface water temperatures in spring, Lake Trout essentially can be found anywhere. Fish will be up shallow against the shoreline, others will be on the bottom in 90 to 240 ft of water, with others found suspended in the thermocline.
Spring is the most popular time to fish for Lake Trout, because then they can be caught consistently using various shallow water presentations. Nevertheless, fish are caught with consistency all summer long, by anglers willing to employ slightly deeper presentations. With the thermocline generally reaching 30 ft in mid summer it is as easy as simply choosing the proper diving depth of crankbait and trolling in an area that holds Trout, and catching fish will be almost certain .
Another technique which enjoys a lot of success is vertical jigging which is especially effective when fish are concentrated in deep water and in close proximity to the bottom. For fish suspended mid-depth the biggest challenge is to find at what level the fish are and arranging for your bait to run just over their heads. A sonar unit is a real asset with this type of fishing, although not necessary, as a little trial and error will ultimately do the same job. As with the Brook Trout, when water temperatures begin to cool in the fall the Lakers once more begin making use of shallower water areas, and may again be taken closer to the surface.
No wire line, lead-core or downriggers are permitted on any Réserve lakes, and we ask that you minimize your deepwater catch to only those fish you wish to keep for eating. (Please refer to the section entitled “Catch & Release”)

Tackle Suggestions:

TROLLING LARGE SPOONS; WILLIAMS; Wobbler, White fish , Dartee, Mooselook
LUCKY STIKE. Smorgy,Toronto Wobbler, Crocodile .
BLUE FOX. Pixie spoon, MEPPS. Syclops

CRANKBAITS; RAPALA. Down deep Husky Jerk, Shad Rap, HEDDON. Bomber Long “A”
STORM. Deep junior Thunder stick, Thin fin, Luhr Jensen Power Dive,
BAGLEY. Big game
VERTICAL JIGGING: Crippled Herring , heavy jig-head ¾-1oz. Hopkins Spoon
FLIES: Large Streamers with or with stringer hooks (Clouser Minnow, Wonder Minnow, Magog Smelt)

NOTE: To troll with spoons or crank baits, you should use a diving disk such as ” Dipsy Diver , Big
John Diver Disk”.

Lakes to consider : Beauchêne, Little Beauchêne, Douglas, Birch, Little Birch.