Brook Trout

Brook Trout

The Brook Trout is certainly the most popular early season sportfish at Beauchêne.

Immediately after ice out, Brookies will be up shallow and can be taken casting or trolling in and adjacent to shoreline structure areas.

Small spinners, spoons, minnow baits and jigs are the lures most popular among spin fishermen, while Wooly Buggers, nymph and other leech and minnow imitations are some of the most popular patterns for flyfishing. It would be best to concentrate your efforts around obvious shoreline cover such as beaver houses, fallen timber and large boulders or in areas where you can actually see fish rising.

As the season progresses and the waters begin reaching the high 60’s to mid 70’s (F) the Brook Trout begin moving deeper or suspending in open water.Because their attention has been directed to other species, relatively few anglers fish for Brook Trout during mid-summer, although they are still very catchable if you’re willing to modify your presentation. Spoons, spinners and flies work well trolled slowly with just enough weight to get them down near the bottom or at least between 10 and 20 feet if your fishing out over open water. Although it may come as a surprise to many anglers, jigs are also an excellent lure choice at this time of year.

Concentrating on the deeper shorelines, simply cast your jig to shore and work it back down into 20 to 25 ft of water. There’s a lot of fallen timber in most of the Brook Trout lakes so it would be best to rig your lure in a weedless or semi weedless fashion. The early morning and after supper hours are certainly the best times to be on the water, especially if you are serious about catching a trophy. Fly fishermen especially should be out early and late, as the brookies are more likely to be on the surface durring those hours.

Once water temperatures start to drop in the fall, Brook Trout once again begin moving shallow, making them susceptible to standard shoreline casting and trolling presentations. Now is the time for some truly spectacular photographs, as the males will likely be displaying their brilliant spawning colours and dramatic, hooked kypes.

A special note: Beginning with the spring of 1997 it became mandatory to use barbless hooks on all Beauchêne Brook Trout lakes. This can be accomplished by simply bending down the barb of the hook with a pair of pliers. You should also be aware of our no kill-no live bait lakes listed in our rules. When outfitting for our Brookies remember that these are generally not the pretty little 8-10 inch beauties that our guests are familiar with back home. At Beauchêne, while still beautiful, these are true “Square Tails”, with 2-4 lbs the rule and fish taken frequently over 6 lbs and sometimes well over 7 lbs!

Tackle Suggestions:

TROLLING: Williams , Little Cleo, E.G.B., Worm harness, Syclops

JIGGING: Small jigs 1/16-1/8oz with  plastic body off the bottom or in to fallen trees. Sassy Shad , Power leech, Gulp Alive

CASTING: Mepps spinners #2-3, Double-Loon, Panther-Martin.

Rapala Mini fat-rap, Original floating, Jointed, Husky-Jerk
A good trick is to use a hookless spoon as an attracter with a fly or worm on a drop line.
FLIES: Beauchene Bug, Wooly Bugger, Small Streamers, Drag Fly Nymph, Mickey Finn, Silver Doctor,
Shrimp/Crawfish, Muddler Minnow, Bead Head flies.