FishingA unique fishing experience separates Beauchêne from other destinations, with 40 lakes and 7 fish species all within a 50,000 acre territory. Beauchêne offers a variety of fishing styles including fly fishing for brookies, casting top water for smallies, plugging for pike, jigging for walleye, spoon feeding lakers, spinning for whitefish or sinking a line for splake: it all happens at Beauchêne. The Beauchêne experience is what ever you would like it to be. Over eighteen brook trout lakes offer classic brookies in the five pound range or fly fishing only lakes where the trout are always at the ready. Splake, a lake/brook trout cross, with specimens growing to the seven pound range offer a rare angling opportunity for any seasoned outdoorsmen. Lac Beauchêne boasts an almost three pound average when it comes to Smallmouth bass. These quality fish are always challenging to even the most avid bronze back fisherman, but here the reward is excellent numbers of big fish! Back lake fishing offers its own angling adventure with large quantities of tail-dancing smallies, including in the mix plenty of eighteen inch bass. Always sought after as table fair for a shore lunch, Walleye are usually easy to find and can reach weights of up to twelve pounds on the main lake and some of the back lakes. Lake Trout, found lurking in the shallow waters during spring, feeding thirty feet down in the thermocline during the heat of the summer. Lake Trout here average four pounds with fish in the teens not uncommon. Northern Pike are never shy to surprise a leaderless bass or walleye fisherman, either by sawing off a line or giving a battle to remember. The Whitefish, Beauchêne’s seventh species and most illusive, is always the fish needed to capture the title of Kingfisher Angler. If you catch all seven species during one stay you will be crowned a Beauchêne Kingfisher Angler.